2016 – 2017 IMPACT TRY-OUTS


We are conducting supplemental tryouts on Monday and Wednesday evenings for the following age divisions:

12’s, 13’s, 14’s and 16’s

If you are interested in trying out, please contact us. 

Age groups are determined by your age on September 1 of the following year.
(Example: if you are 14 on September 1, 2017, you will try out for the 14’s age division)

Tryout Fee: $50.00 (cash only please) - *If selected, a $500.00 deposit fee will be required to secure your position on the roster*

Click HERE for a copy of the Tryout Registration Form

Click HERE for a copy of our Fee Schedule

Tryouts are held at The Lutheran High School located at 18104 Babcock Rd. 78255

Contact: Ernie Leija @ 210-389-1468 or ernie@impactvb.net