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Strength Training and Conditioning sessions (for IMPACT players only) are held on a weekly basis thru the end of April and are conducted at TMI on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 and 7:30 – 8:30 PM.

Players who practice on Tuesdays can attend on Wednesdays, and players who practice on Wednesdays can attend on Tuesdays.  Players who practice on any other day, can attend either session.  (one session per week is recommended during the season)

The training sessions will be conducted by Tony Marchiano.  Tony is the President of Status 1 Sports Inc. and is currently the head Strength Trainer and Conditioning Coach at TMI.  Tony is a highly motivated and creative trainer with an extensive background in all sports and overall fitness.  Tony has been training and developing athletes over 20 years.  His research and experience have lead him to develop a structured system that has helped hundreds of athletes at all levels; from grade school thru the professional ranks.  

Tony’s training includes total physical preparation by providing the skills as well as the strength and conditioning necessary to minimize injury, and achieve the highest possible level of success in the game of volleyball.  His training methods are designed to increase each athlete’s performance by maximizing their speed, power, and agility.



For $30 a month, players can attend one session per week and will receive the following:

  • An outline of their individual assignments
  • Individual Goals
  • Calendar of Events
  • Shoulder Routine
  • Foam Rolling Routine
  • Extra work for special needs (if necessary)
  • Instructions for total care of body when sore and/or recovering
  • Nutritional Program and Nutritional advice for tournaments-before, during, and after
  • Individual Testing