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Elite Volleyball Performance (EVP), offers total physical preparation, providing the skills as well as the strength and conditioning necessary to achieve the highest possible level of success.

EVP’s specialized "Volleyball focused training" is designed to increase each athlete’s performance by maximizing their speed, power, and agility.


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Information on Elite Volleyball Performance, LLC:

EVP is the premier volleyball performance training organization in the greater San Antonio area and has helped prepare hundreds of athletes for club and collegiate volleyball over the past 10-years.  During that time our organization has trained All-District, All-City, All-State, and All-American prep athletes as well as helping our athletes earn scholarships and perform competitively at the collegiate level.

Director Daniel Martinez is an authority on sports performance and is recognized nationally as an expert on vertical jump and physical preparation for volleyball.  He has his bachelor degree from Texas State University where he majored in Exercise and Sport Science and minored in Sport Psychology, is a competitive Olympic Weightlifter, and is also a contributing writer to and on strength & conditioning and performance enhancement for volleyball.  Daniel is also the strength and conditioning coach for Trinity University Volleyball where, in addition to qualifying for the NCAA Elite 8 in 2009, he has also worked with several All-American and All-Conference players.  He has also consulted and presented nationally on speed and power development for volleyball at the club and collegiate level for several organizations and volleyball programs recognized for their excellence.

Testimonials on EVP and Daniel Martinez:
“I have been a professional in this area for 36 years, and I can say, without hesitation, that Daniel Martinez is the most professional of trainers I have ever encountered.  His methodology is state of the art Science and his goal is always to improve functional movement.  I have watched his workouts and they are truly fascinating to observe and masterful in their design.  Each session is targeted to achieve specific goals with each athlete.  But, what really separates Daniel from all the other brilliant trainers in Sport, is that Daniel treats each athlete as a total human being, not just a body-machine.  Each individual athlete is recognized and respected for the holistic body-spirit-mind that he/she is and that respect translates into genuine care for the athletes.  In turn, athletes trust Daniel and believe in him because they know he believes in them and demonstrates his care by coming to their matches and listening to them as they share their thoughts and ideas with him.

Any athlete who is fortunate enough to work with Daniel, will be amazed at his/her overall improvement, find a friend and mentor in Daniel and will have very happy parents as the bonus!”

......- Terri Boggess, Ph.D.